Basket Mouth Blasts Fans Expecting Free Tickets to His Shows

Posted: 2015-09-30T19:48:52Z Read: 2,442 times

Basket Mouth has come a long way competent and he’s no doubt one of the most selling Comedians in Africa today!

Basket has an upcoming event in Eko Hotel & Suites and he has already paid for the hall. The invoice of payment amounts to 14 million Naira.

Like any Celeb there will always be those crazy fans who want free tickets for any show. Basket Mouth unfortunately won’t be giving free tickets for his show because he made it clear when he took to IG to blast all those expecting free tickets.

 “And that's the upfront I'm paying for the venue,food and drinks for the VVIP guest.....yet people will be calling to request for free tickets like the show doesn't cost money to put together. God de sha....all those awoof people,make una no let me naked swear for una oh