Ed Sheeran Replaces Jay Z In 'Drunk in Love' duet With Beyonce

Posted: 2015-09-28T17:31:12Z Read: 3,948 times

Saturday night marked the return of the Global Citizen Festival, in Central Park, New York City and fans reportedly couldn’t believe their luck when they heard Beyonce was set to perform.

Little did they know that she’d also welcome Ed Sheeran to the stage as a surprise guest.

“I want to bring out someone I respect so much,” she said, before they performed a stripped down acoustic version of ‘Drunk in Love’ - a song originally sung with hubby Jay Z.

According to BreakingNews this is not the first time the pair have shared the stage, earlier this year the two performed at a Grammy tribute concert for Stevie Wonder, singing a rendition of Master Blaster.

And yes, that was also pure and utter perfection