COVID19 Cases now at 212 as Uganda readies to lift lock down

Posted: 2020-05-25T08:08:56Z
COVID19 Cases now at 212 as Uganda readies to lift lock down

Uganda’s COVID19 Cases have risen to 212 after 14 more people tested for the disease on Sunday. 

Information released by the ministry of health this morning indicates that 14 new cases were confirmed on Sunday May 24th 2020.

All cases were contacts to previously confirmed truck drivers. The cases were all under quarantine at the time of test.

Meanwhile, Uganda also handed over 5 Tanzanian truck drivers who tested positive, back to their country. There were 655 samples tested from points of entry on Sunday and 1,084 samples from community contacts.

Tomorrow Tuesday the 26th of May, Ugandans with private cars will be allowed to start moving and shops which are located outside malls and arcades will also open for business. 
However, everyone must wear a mask when in public. On the other hand, Ugandans using public transport must stay home for another one week or so, as they wait for government to provide free face masks for everyone.

The public transport shall be allowed to start working on June 4th, but only if government has distributed masks by then and the vehicles shall only carry half their capacity.

Also, at least 80 districts near borders shall remain under lockdown until government is assured of their safety. While schools shall also open soon for candidate classes, students in the districts near entry points shall still remain home.