America to Fly it's people out of Uganda this week due to increase in COVID19 cases

Posted: 2020-03-30T16:15:36Z
America to Fly it's people out of Uganda this week due to increase in COVID19 cases

The U.S. Embassy in Uganda is working around the clock to fly all it's Nationals from Uganda back to America, following an increase in CoronaVirus confirmed cases here in Kampala. 

An announcement on their website indicates that the embassy is liasing with the government of Uganda to allow a passenger flight land at Entebbe International Airport and pick it's citizens who are interested in going back home. 

The Commercial Flight is expected to land this Week.

Americans living in Uganda have been asked to inform the embassy of their wish to reserve seats on the commercial flight this week has now passed. "If you submitted your information as well as your consent to share it with the airline, the U.S. Embassy will contact you via email with details about the flight and instructions on how to finalize payment as soon as the Government of Uganda grants permission for the flight" the document reads. T

he flight will likely be opened to the general public once U.S. citizens who have sent in their information, and nationals from several other nations that have expressed interest in working with the embassy on organizing this flight, are booked.

"Currently, this is the only way to depart Uganda.  The U.S. government is not otherwise evacuating U.S. citizens from Uganda.  The U.S. Embassy does not anticipate arranging any more commercial flights out of Uganda at this time.  If you need to leave Uganda, consider booking this flight now" the embassy adds.

Also, the flight is not operated or funded by the US government and avaiability and cancellations will be controlled by the airline.  

"The flight will take passengers to Doha, Qatar with onward routings on Qatar Airways flights to either New York (JFK) or Washington Dulles (IAD), with the option for onward domestic flights according to availability.  The airline estimates the cost will be approximately $2500 per ticket for an itinerary terminating at IAD.  The price may vary, depending on final destination."
Currently, USA is grappling with the biggest number of confirmed COVID19 cases with experts warning that the country could lose between 100,000-200,000 people by the end of the pandemic.

The US now has more than 140,000 confirmed cases, and as of Sunday evening, 2,493 deaths had been recorded in the country in relation to Covid-19.