Musicians Who Have Released Corona virus Songs

Posted: 2020-03-28T09:32:13Z Read: 3,535 times
Musicians Who Have Released Corona virus Songs

Coronavirus continues to bite the world at large. 

According to the Ministry of Health,  the number of people who have tested positive of COVID-19 is now 23. With the number growing,  musicians have run to studios to record songs. Here is a list of some of them taking the lead to sensitize the public.

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool teamed up with other stars like A Pass, Fresh Kid, Fik Fameica, Fresh Daddy, John Blaq, Azawi, Vinka and others to work on a song titled Corona Distance.

Bebe Cool has been sharing clips of these musicians recording in studio. The song has been praised by many, include President Museveni.

Bobi Wine

Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Bobi Wine also returned to studio to record a song outlining  things Ugandans should do to avoid the spread of the virus.Bobi featured Nubian Li on the song.

B2C & Ykee Benda 

The B2C trio is in studio  working alongside Ykee Benda.The group shared the news through a Skype interview with a local TV.

Tyler Himself 

Tyler is a dancehall artiste who has not had much going on since the beginning of the year. 
The outbreak of the virus has pulled him out of his comfort zone.

There are many other songs expected to be dropped by other artistes.