Public Transport Suspended for 14 Days over CoronaVirus 

Posted: 2020-03-25T18:09:21Z Read: 1,842 times
Public Transport Suspended for 14 Days over CoronaVirus 

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has suspended all public transport taxis, coasters, buses, passenger trains, Tuk Tukus and boda bodas for 14 days.
Only individuals with private cars are allowed on the road, but they also must carry only three individuals.

The directive is in line with the measures to combat the CoronaVirus in the country that has already seen 14 people including an 8 months old baby, test positive.
The president has also directed that only vendors selling food stuffs are allowed to in the markets. Those selling Matooke, Sweet potatoes, cassava, beans, g.nuts among others should be allowed in the market so as to maintain social distance.

Those selling shoes, necklaces, phones among other things will not be allowed to operate.

Meanwhile, Mr. Museveni says that delivery vans, trucks that carry food and boda bodas carrying matooke from the markets can also operate. 

The 8 people who are being treated are getting well, except one person still has a high temperature, the president said. Earlier today, the Director General, Dr. Henry Mwebesa announced that Uganda has registered 5 new cases, bringing the number to 14.

With 574 individuals who came from Dubai in the last two weeks enlisted but missing, the public is asked to remain vigilant. Most importantly, people must remain in their homes and avoid contact with the outside world. 

Also, washing hands with soap and water as many times as possible could help in dealing with the virus that has infected 397,700 people and killed more than 18,100 others across the world.