Musicians Who Are Not In Uganda As Coronavirus Outbreak  Grips The Country

Posted: 2020-03-25T07:12:07Z Read: 4,161 times
Musicians Who Are Not In Uganda As Coronavirus Outbreak  Grips The Country

The world is currently paralyzed over the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

The president banned public gatherings, Entebbe Airport and all borders were shut down until further notice.

 And many musicians who were out of the country have been locked out. Here is a list 

Eddy Kenzo 

Eddy Kenzo had travelled with his band to Ivory Coast for rehearsals ahead of his festival which was slated to happen on March 28, only to be postponed. 
The singer cried out recently saying he wanted to come back home.
Ivory Coast has also not been spared by Covid-19

Big Trill 

After his hit song, Parte after Parte crossing boarders, Big Trill has been global trotting. After Kenzo’s appeal to return home, BigTrill also revealed he is not in the country but wishes he was. He didn’t reveal where he is though.

Desire Luzinda 

She moved to America after announcing she had quit secular music. America is now one of the most affected countries by coronavirus. The singer says she is keeping her faith high hoping that the world will normalize.

Naira Ali

She allegedly refused to come back home when she travelled to America for a show a couple of months back. 


Fille flew out of the country to USA to relax her mind after going through a number of tribulations. She was expected back in a few days, but she is stuck.