FDC wants Government to close Schools for 2 weeks over COVID-19 Scare

Posted: 2020-03-16T10:19:24Z
FDC wants Government to close Schools for 2 weeks over COVID-19 Scare

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change, FDC Party, wants government to stay ahead of the possible outbreak of the infamous COVID-19.

Addressing the press at the party headquarters in Najjanankimbi on Monday morning, John Kikonyongo the party deputy spokesperson said the country is still lucky that no cases have been confirmed, but remains skeptical that some things are being hidden from members of the public.

“We are not very far away from getting cases in Uganda, we are still lucky we haven’t got any case but we are not even sure whether we don’t have any cases yet. So, the government should be ahead to prevent, if we don’t have any cases” Kikonyogo said.

He noted that some countries are closing schools and offices, while in Uganda, we are waiting for some cases to be confirmed before taking any measures.
“We have advised the government to at least close schools for two weeks as we monitor what is going on. But close them now so that we don’t risk our children. This business of telling people that don’t hug, don’t shake hands, theoretically it is easy to talk about it, but practically it’s not easy, because of our cultures” Kikonyogo advised.

He notes that it is difficult especially, to tell children not to shake hands with their friends. At least 6,526 people have died while 170,238 people are infected with the disease across the globe.