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WAADE formerly known as Brian Wade is "a Ugandan rapper touted to have a rap flow as slick as Lecrae (American hip hop artist) or Trip Lee (American hip hop artist).With a unique style and a smooth flexible flow. Waade  cuts across the complexity of genres and eras with his music. On the journey to become one of the world’s best hip hop /rap acts and Africa’s best talented rap individuals, WAADE is prolific and has worked on numerous music projects. He has collaborated with artists from Zambia,Nigeria, Malawi and South Africa. When it comes to music production, Waade has played a big part in his music production by producing, mixing and mastering most of his music


Commanding a dedicated small following, WAADE continues to rise and inspire younger artists in the rap game. WAADE is a Chief Executive Officer of ELEPHANT RECORDS a self-founded independent record label yet to be known to the public. He is also the founder of GIVE BACK FOUNDATION a nonprofit organization aiming to give back to communities using hip hop art and hip hop resources to empower, inspire and give hope to those that need it


Underlying the success of WAADE his songs and collaborations is years of hustle where as far back as 2013, he released a slew of mix tapes coupled with performances on various Ugandan local events. On his upcoming album’’ PEST CONTROL’’ WAADE has an incredible variety of new sounds and production style


WAADE journey as an artist began at a young age of 15 and was inspired by listening to a wide variety of music. He was more drawn to the Hip Hop genre. when an opportunity presented itself by a friend in Rukungiri a district found in the western part of Uganda, who happened to have a small studio setup in the living room, WAADE started recording and exercising his writing and rapping skills, then few years later WAADE took it up and went all the way to this day. Now he has quite a number of music projects under his name.  According to the observation done, this is just the beginning of his journey because WAADE proves there is more to claim in the music industry as far as hip hop and rap is concerned. Stay tuned for what’s next with him.

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