Vilzax Uhmerkiy Biography

Artist: Singer/Songrwiter (RnB, Dancehall and Ragga) Representing from "Clean Lyrics Entertainment*(Crew)
Originally born Zakshir Umarshujah Kiyingi in 1993. Left high school in 2011,
He met with a group of friends and in that he is hustling to be recognized as a big artiste in this music industry.
Apparently he is a mechanic by profession/Radio & T.V presenter but was born to be a musician and chasing his dream as well.
He is a true beliver ,honest and respects everybody ie younger or older than him and that helps his fascination in RnB,Dancehall grow stronger.
He keeps singing two styles because his interest in them grew stronger specially inspired by St.Nelly-Sade,Maurice Kirya,R Kelly,Mr Googs,Peter Miles and Mr G.

Before living high school, he had no audio atoll but successfully made name in there by free styling on any kind of beat and instrumental being played by D jays.
In that very year 2011 when he left his high school,he recorded his first song "Miss controller" produced by Vienne in Buga ville records. it didn't reach much into media but played on record TV and radio and many people loved it he was recognized as good artiste i.e he joined Magma Hot Squad (MHS) working together with Jaxta, Shonac,Vilo- code,E-yuit etc in MH-Squad.
They opened a night which was happening every Wednesday at California bar and restaurant opposite maria's galleria in Nakasero.
He has good stage performance,he was greatly appreciated by his great fans and that led him to reach many places of performances in Uganda, Kenya and south Sudan.
He has many longtime friends.He owns St Nelly-Sade a rapper from Luga-flo Army and GMC entertainment as his Senior adviser."Respect"
He has futured a couple of artists like Pretty Alma,Rampo in a song called "Ntwala" which rocks on your air play in every corner..... 
He left Magma Hot Squad (MH Squad), for good. And now came up with a group called CLEAN LYRICS ENTERTAINMENT*CREW (CLEC) where they represent as VIL-ZAX and RAMPO

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