Toolman Biography

TOOLMAN started ma music career in 1996 when in s.1.I was working part time in DANCEHALLS as a D.J whereas singing in Dubs, in 2001 he did ma first record "ABAKAZI". Later in 2k1 he formed fire base crew with his friend BOBI WINE , later he left in 2003 and went SOLO , Their he recorded his first single "MUMULEKE OMWANA" featuring Andrew Kiwanuka followed with string of songs.

Later MUWE a hit followed by BWAKUKULA and KISUMULUZO hit by hit. His latest record is PASSWORD a song under Goodenuff records. Now 25 years old, Artist and partly a businessman. In his words "AM READY TO TAKE UGANDA'S RAGGAETON TO ANOTHER LEVEL".

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