Sister Charity Biography

Sister Charity real names Kobutungi Charity was born 7th June 1980,From a family of Mr. and Mrs. Enoth Buriita in a family of 6 children and she is the second last born. She sings in her native language Runyankole. She started singing with a group called TYE (Train the youth effort) band in 2000, a band in which she gained courage to join the music industry.

She was spotted by the band leader Charles Lwanga aka Rasta Charz who saw talent in her and later composed a song for her called Grade popularly known as Ekikoona which she released in 2003 and became a hit on most radio stations and that made her popular especially in the western region CAREER: She studied from Rweibaare Primary school, Rweibaare Secondary school, went to Train The youth Effort (TYE) for higher level and later joined Mbarara Business School (MBI) where she attained a UNEB Dip in Accountancy. She joined Rays Band owned by Rasta charz, and performs with it up to today and too works with Vision Group as a TV presenter, doing a morning show on TV WEST, a station based in Mbarara the western part of Uganda.

Sister Charity Discography

She has nine albums and these include Grade, Omufumbo, Pound, Choice, Nkyalimbooko, Jambuura etc. She has also contributed to the AM A UGANDAN project by bringing its message in a song titled 'NDI OMUNYA UGANDA' a song that she collaborated with Santana her co-presenter on TV West and also a musician. Most of these songs are in her local language (Runyankole) minus some few which are in Luganda and English. Her music is more related to family

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