Silver Xtra Biography

Before finding residence in Juba in 2007, he released his first album named *Binia Lotuko* before he founded a musical group named *New Sudan Superstars* in 2008. Since inception of Silver his living in Juba he released his second album titled *Wasaaka Bataal*", which is translated, "rubbish is bad".

The album was sponsored by NGO to run by campaign for awareness of hygiene and sanitation in Eastern Equatoria state in 2008. The same year he released his third studio album under the name "*Sudan Belade Saeem*", likewise the album was sponsored by the ministry of health of eastern Equatoria state.

In 2009 his fame went throughout southern Sudan (now South Sudan), Gulu in northern Uganda and the Sudanese

capital Khartoum. In 2010 he launched his forth debut studio album titled "*Fattisu Shockoal*", which is translated, "searching of a job". The album is the most played song of Silver X because the song is concerned with the youths who are searching for jobs yet no one is willing to employ them though they are qualified and graduated. The song was voted by many radio stations as song of the year.

The same year he unveiled his fifth studio album Wele which was voted as

Voice of the People (VP) song of the year and it was also voted as song of the year by SSOSA music awards. In the year of 2012 he launched Masura, 2013 he launched Carolina, in 2014 he launched Ana Bi Wori and in 2015 he launched Dunia Karabu. Silver X launched a video in Nairobi on 29 April

2016, the song titled *East African Lover*, it is Silver X's first collaboration with Kenyan female singer Rennee. Silver X is also noted as the best international singer in South Sudan by global music awards in USA.

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