Roo Ya Simba Biography

ROO YA SIMBA is a Ugandan music single artist. He is named Ibanda Sharif by birth. 

I started in 2012 with my famous song titled Abaidu Ba Allah. Since then my songs have been successful on ugandan radio. Starting with Baidhu ba Allah in (2012), I went on to release songs like Mugogolo, Asanila Amaaka, Masedere, Talibanze, kunobana, olumbe, Ninze Anhi etc. And In mid 2014 I collaborated artist like  Pop Kay, Afande miah .




Roo Ya Simba's musical career begun in 2002 at magamaga secondary school,  in 2012 I dropped school and officially joined music with a hit song titled Abaidu ba Allah,  ninze Anhi, mugogolo, Asanila Amaaka, Talibanze, Tulikubanda among others. 




Roo Ya Simba  provide smooth RnB vocals, Afro stuff, a fusion ragga, reggae and dancehall vibes. 




Other members include,  Black pee,  Baloteri, Aziiiiii and mutaka mutaka as the group manager. 




Roo Ya Simba I own my music lebel ROYAL LIFE GOVERMENT 




Abaidu ba Allah album (2012)

Mugogolo (2014)

Asanila amaka 




Best male artist kikompola music awards 2017


Those are my new songs titled 

1. Miwudhu 

2. Nsunaku 

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