Renah Nalumansii Biography

Renah Nalumansi started her music career with the Dream Galz under Eddy Yawe's management.After the group was dissolved,She decided to go solo and that's when she signed with Suudi Ent under the management of Suudi Man Lukwago,a re known international music promoter.At present Renah Nalumansi is now signed to Switdrim Music under the management of Justin Bas.
Renah Nalumansi is well known for her hit songs like Ontambuzza,Ndi Mugumu,Nanyini City,Omukwano gwo,Empisa zo(ft Henry Tigan),Tebamanyi(ft Dr.Jose Chameleon) to mention but a few.
She's currently working on her very first Self Titled Album called I AM (NZE) RENAH NALUMANSI.

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