Radiko Biography

James Wanyama a.k.a Radiko was born and raised in eastern part of Uganda. He went to school in the eastern Part right from primary all the way to Advanced Level.


He started his music career early in life while he was still at School. Radiqal recorded his first single while in O’level.


In 2010 immediately after finishing his Advanced Level Education Radiqal decided to try his music Luck and Moved to Nairobi, Kenya. While in kenya Radiqal recorded his first album dabbed Kokolioko (Under Elmazuu Production) The album had hits like: Stamina, Familiar, Coup detar, Yenze Akwagala & more.


With his Afro Dancehall affiliated sound and his great stage performance and presence Radiqal performed alongside different Artists That Included: Redsan, Camp Mula, Jaguar, Jua Cali , Wyre, Amani among others.


In 2012/2013 Radiqal was Nominated and won The Best male artist of the year in the Kipawa Awards (Eldoret).


In 2013 Radiqal went back to his Mother Land  Uganda to officially release his “Kokolioko” Album where Cindy (former Blu*3) was the Guest artist who Curtain raised for him.


Radiqal has since worked with cream de la cream of the Music industry in Uganda that included BeatKillahz Ent (Under Fidempa) , Dj Swift Skillz,  and different top East African Producers.


Bluebox Radio Active Welcomes the East African dancehall and versatile Prince

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