Patricia Mujungu Biography

Patricia Mujungu since the age Eight in a kids choir realized music had a special place in her heart ”having grown up in church which cultivated her passion to sing,write and reach out to the world through her music.

Born in western Uganda in Fort portal district and partly raised in Kasese district , Patricia has established a well-known presence within the gospel music industry and has gone on to recently release her album entitled “Make it with you, an album that many listeners claim sounds amazing with her passionate voice, touching, inspiring through her messages, the great reggae songs and her Urban African/ Afro Fusion Style.

She reaches out with her music on different events in churches and communities in Uganda and she has also been able to tour different Nations with her music. Patricia is currently working on her new album which she believes is going to inspire, reach more people for Christ as never before and more her music career to another level.

Patricia as a gospel artist has been privileged to be one of the led singers of the Save the Children/ future a project put together by Ugandan’s top gospel artist in awareness of HIV/AIDS,she was privileged too to be part of Uganda’s Artists chosen by one of Uganda’s great music producers Paddy Kayiwa to be one of the lead singers who featured in the Proud to be Africa Song.

She has also previously worked as a music director who has trained different gospel groups and church choirs.

Focused beyond all the bright lights, looking forward more and more The passion for Christ and the determination that she demonstrates to make good music and reaching out are qualities that are leading her on the bright side. Just stay tuned for the best.

Patricia is currently working with Bantupro a company that believes in what she does for the growth of her ministry

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