Ojo Wax Biography

Stage Name OJO WAX Real names are Musisi Deogracious born and raissed from Mpigi Masaka

Musically I have been mentored by an artist called DR.JOSE CHAMELEONE who has a good style of music that I like and I would term my style the same as his"Dance Hall Ragga though I still do other styles like Raggea,Hip Hop Dance Hall & Afro etc...

I have been performing since I was a young boy performing in school back in Africa at Music Dance & Drama(MDD).

Later I found out that I wanted to Pursue a career in music because I find it easy to express my feelings through my music and to relate my music to my Fans.I would like everyone to communicate this way through music.

I would also term my music as "Liberating for Others"not even forgetting that am a unique artist with a unique style of music and my Stage performance makes me be different from other artists

My music influence is real life stories and what people are going through all over the world.

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