NOUV BOI Biography

NOUV BOI WHOSE BIRTH NAMES ARE MWAHULHWA RONALD WAS BORN ON 28TH/01/1988 IN TORORO DISTRICT, EASTERN UGANDA. Later his family moved to kasese district in western Uganda where he grew up in his early stages of life. He pursued education in the central region of Uganda until he completed a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Makerere university, which is his highest level of education.

After many years of leaving without hope, life only made sense when to me came so many questions.  Then that day came when i gave my life to Christ, 27th/04/2014. Since that day i have decided to follow Jesus Christ and now in everything i do i just want 2 be of influence for Christ Jesus. (boi 7 for christ)

Bio 7 for Christ is my ministry, its music, talk, drama, reach out e.t.c . It’s what identifies my calling in Jesus Christ. It’s the way i portray myself.

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