Midlanderz Acapella Ug Biography

Midlanderz Acapella Ug,Born and raised in Christian families where we used to sing in our childhood to praise God every morning before doing anything else and it's no of surprise that we can sing right now. In 2016, we started our journey in high school, Midland high school after being inspired by Acapella group in Uganda , Spring gents and Jehovah shallom Ug. Midlanderz Acapella Ug music has special messages to people of God and also can transform someone's life to Christianity. Midlanderz Acapella Ug comprise of six members Wamala Samuel, Kyeyune Lawrence, Kafeero Joseph, Biire Reagan, Ssemuwemba Solomon, Ssetemu Asaph. Midlanderz Acapella Ug take music as a special call and we also persuce other courses in Higher institute, Makerere university.

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