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Mesach Semakula

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Mesach Semakula, Biography, School Life and Music Carrier

Mesach Semakula is A GOD fearing person ,an Afro Pop musician, and a smart focused business man with a number of investments in Uganda and the music industry specifically where he owns one Kann Records Studio which is managed by Travis Kazibwea.k.a Dr Tee another Ugandan gospel musician.

Mesach loves music and he wanted to be a musician since he was 16 years old by this time he was in Kampala Secondary School. He joined Emitone band that was led by The Late UmaruKatumba.

He never got the chance to sing because he was told to quit the band because he was too young. He relaxed and decided to concentrate on his studies till he was 18 yrs old.

Mesach had married his fiancé on February 14 2011 after two years of long planning. It was said to be an romantic and intimate affair guest were stunned by the ceremony and many said it was the most beautiful they had been to.

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