Le Bard Biography

Mato Le Bard, better known as Le Bard is a Uganda based musician and actor by the names of Ronald Matovu. Born to one of Uganda's renowned Professors, Le Bard is a lyricist, poet, bard, minstrel,and protagonist who is well versed with the genres of hip-hop, Rnb, reggae, pop, and soul but basically concentrates on hip-hop and Rnb. He is popularly known for his nickname, Rony The Rap Coach, a name he has earned through his lyrical journey that authenticates his sophisticated and unique rap sense he adds to the game. Le Bard is famous for his contribution to the classic Juliah, a song that involved Chah Dah. Le Bard is currently linked to the music label CME, Classy Medley Entourage, a label that includes various acts such as Chah Dah, Rapper A, Sheryph Ks, Troy Alnex and many others. Le Bard is definitely a musical act to look out for from now and the time to come.

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