Kayzmon Switch Biography

Kayzmon Switch (born Kayuza Solomon) on 23 November 1992. He hails from Jinja, Uganda and belongs to the music group Big Bang City Muzik, which he started with Timo Glean Muwalanya in 2013 while he was still in high school.

He is a versatile artist whose music spans a variety of styles, though his specialty is R&B. Currently, he is spending a lot of time in the studio working on several tracks. One of those tracks “Komawo Eka” (“Come Home”) shows what Kayzmon is about as an artist—addressing real life issues through music. Directed at a husband looking to cheat, the song says “Mukyalawo jali eka eyo”(“Your wife is home awaiting you”) from the perspective of a concerned brother. As he progresses as a professional artist, he plans to also mentor other artists as they work towards furthering their own music. Kayzmon’s new releases will be available online starting in April 2017.

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