Jonah Seven Biography

Born "Mulindwa Jonathan Ronald" Jonah Seven is the Undisputed Luga flow Grandson the twister twisting his tongue on twitter for twins and teens. Started music ever since he was born but professionally got into the music business in 2008 when he released his first hiphop single titled "Nabasazeko". He grew up listening to the sounds of Babaluku, Sabasaba, GNL Zamba, Rocky Giant, Lyrical G, Abenganda Clan and other hiphop/lugaflow artists in Uganda and 2Pac, Notorious Big, P Diddy, Will Smith, Eminem and others from the Western side. He then after that single concentrated on his music dropping other songs and forming his music group Cyland Government which had various artists like Rog.T, Micheal Francis, Tony Liwarm.Because of his good music Jonah Seven got signed to a big promotions company BK AFROBEAT and in there he dropped songs like Ssebuffu Bwango, We are done, Engoma and Tugulumbye but unfortunately the songs did not work out because the company did not do the promotion as it had stated in the contracts the two parties signed and so then he decided to terminate the contracts before the period signed expired. To the present Jonah Seven is trying to work with the Ghetto President Bobi Wine and the Fire Base Crew at large.#SMILEFORMUSIC #HIPHOPSTANDU

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