Jay Sentino Biography

Jay sentino senior is widely acknowledged to have been the first Ugandan emcee to come as the third runner up in the INTERNATIONAL END OF THE WEAK MC CHALLENGE in 2014 at open house Buganda Road. He raps for more than five minutes none stop ,livening up the crowd as it praises him while putting their hands up like he had hosted the holy spirit. He is a recording artist who has recorded songs in urban aksent and collaborated with artists like st nelly sade ,he is a member in the BREAK DANCE PROJECT UGANDA (cypher) ,GETTO TO GETTO CYPHERS WITH BABALUKU. He also took part in the HIP HOP BOOT CAMP IN GULU. He is currently working as on his album entitled Ekyooto.

For the last five years of experience in the hip hop industry I have done my best to improve on my talent and exporting my culture (luga flow) style of rap world wide , in this process , I have come across international and home town crowds but I make sure that they live to remember my energy and skill that I showcase in rap accompanied with moves of B BOY

For more information:
1. https://www.facebook.com/sentongo.julius1
2. http://www.reverbnation.com/control_room/artist/3303551/messages
3. [email protected]

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