Gi Mara Biography

Born and raised in Uganda. Is currently based in the capital City Kampala.
Gi-Mara is "Passionate about Social and Spiritual transformation for Eternal Destiny".
Gi-Mara is a Christian who accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1996 in a village crusade which was very much attended by his mother. Is optimistic for a bright future in Christ....He always said, I desire to know my definite purpose in life; and to make it alive every day so that, my part in the 'chain of co-existence of humanity with God is not broken', knowing very well that only I will stand to account for the life I would have lived on earth".....That, you could call his "life statement of purpose'! At the end of it all, John 12:32....."So that men can be drawn to God".

Gi-Mara started singing in his high school, Kabalega ss in masindi and was always passionate about musical instruments to the extent that he would even  ask to keep the scripture union piano himself, in his student room. In his bed, there was always another ‘partner’, piano! His first song was ‘are you born again’ which he did his high school friend , Ssenjovu Jimmy and his very first performance was in high school during the school’s scripture handover ceremony.

After his high, school, Gi-Mara made his second recording after high school in 2009 with Esom records along namirembe road. The song was not so much accepted at radio stations, one radio station particularly made a comment that the song was not so uptown.

He then later made a recording in September 2017 at Eno beats of Beats empire Ug. The song ‘Dok cen’ instantly received airplay in radio stations. This inspired Gi-Mara to record yet another song, this time with Paddy man of Audio one. Paradiso the song is now yet another radio play from Gi-Mara. More is yet to come from Gi-Mara

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