Gen Van Allan Biography

Gen Van Allan is a precise definition of the age old English saying.The end justifies the means. Aman whose life from a tender age has been abattle against the odds and adversity on his up hill climb to the helm.

Born Asiimwe Allan 31 years ago to Mr and Mrs Babugura of Mitooma, by then Bushenyi district. Allan is the third born child in family of ten. five boys and five girls. As the eldest son.his life was well poised as one  of sacrifice and it wasn't to be long before he exhibits his selfless nature


Music Career 

He started in 2012 when he outed Nibija Kushwara Song meaning they will get ashamed their he Received huge air play on many more medias... laiter continued with many more hits like Nkaronda namara Sambagara,Kyanunu,Am Sorry....

On Music General Van is regarded as the best Singer in Western Uganda with the biggest quality videos and audios competing internationally, Signed under a record label Cyberspace Music empire where he has released the hottest Single Bimpe.

He is so humbled and ready to sing not only in nation but also the whole World as  his music is so great  to compete any where.

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