GA Swagga Biography

Anika Grace aka GA swagga is a ugandan rapper based in Westnile, a born of 1994.

She starting music in 2013 and raps in Lugbara, English ,arabic and Luganda, she has worked with artists like Rappa blutit,  Gbaraspoken and many more, 


She has been part of the hip-hop workshops like Bayimba, platform 503 , she was selected as the best female rapper to represent westnile I'm the hip-hop boot camp, a workshop which collects rappers, emcees, producers, DJ, Bboys and many where she featured on a 10track album #hiphopbootcampAlbum.vol.3

She has songs off her second album #strengthofawoman like Adusi, street boy, agupi adari and many 

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