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UK Based Ugandan FADA PEST

The growing presence of Ugandan music in the Diaspora is phenomenal. Several artistes in Scandinavia , England and America have carried the pride of the motherland. Swahili Nation seemed to start the wave along with its progeny-or vice versa-Charlie King. From England (or in simpler terms-UK) comes Fada Pest who is set to blaze up the universe.

Born Isaac Musasizi, Fada Pest is championing a youthful sound of hip-hop fused with Swahili genres-Bongo and Boomba. For an artiste relatively new on ours ears scene, he has successfully held sparkling performances across England . Reports reaching us imply he has not only performed in the immensely popular Black Community festival in England but has been chanced to share stage with dancehall luminaries from Jamaica , Sanchez, Vybz Cartel, Sean Paul and Merciless.

Fada Pest meaning fathering and encouraging the stuggler for the ghettos and slums for the sufferers and the struggles, says he started his music career roughly in 1994 which for an artiste is a very long time ago.He is the kind with a full understanding of how the industry works.The rest of his family are also into music and spread all over the world.He has been supported morally by his family. Like many other artises he began in high school, St Joseph's Nagalama in Uganda where he formed a rap and mime club not only living a drama group at greenvill high school in mukono and the ghetto boys in st. balikuddembe mitala maria.
They would perform covers of various popular artistes in Uganda imitations of jamaica’s buju banton, shabba ranks, chaka demus and pliers thou of recent he is combining the refelections of the mighty Sizzla Kalonge, Prophet Capleton and buju banton to make up his horse voice that comes into most of his riddims. Back to history Fada came two years later during his school holiday and started his first recording at kampala in a small studio ‘gattzerro’ managed by mr. ismail balimuttajjo, where he hanged as a studio help as he metup with the likes of eddie yawe a famous producer behind the works of bobie wine of the fire base crew. 
‘Omukyala Ruth' was recorded at Gatterzeo studios owned by Ismail BalimutajjoBy this time Fada has joined another school St. Balikuddembe Mitala Maria. Fada Pest cites Shabba Ranks, terror fabilous and Buju Banton as his main inspiration.He was mesmerized by their deep popularity all across the nation even in villages of mitala maria,luzira,kitintale etc.They motivated him to aspire to be as popular. For the time he has spent in music Fada Pest says it has inspired him so much that even through the hard times he has turned to it. It has become his driving force where he can release all the pain he has and produce better results in the end. 

He has a dream of helping Africa as a nation, after a number of encountered efforts shown in the UK .
Fada Pest has been appearing annually for a number of events called to appear fo the African heritage and ancesestray where he represented Uganda on behalf of the artists which takes place annually but still he has been chosen to represent us. He appears for every uk Ugandan independence, full priede being a Ugandan fada exposes us with a phenoniminal performance with that sound track ‘ugandanz fada’ so tight and tuff riddim.

Appears for uk Ugandan and all black gospel festivals in UK which has formed an outreach team that goes to all corners of England preaching and educating the youth about anti social behaviours and Christ Jesus the lord. After math Fada who has been also appearing on legal and pirate fm station fathering the struggle for the black uplift meant in Uk has appeared on the Global Africa Peoples radio which exposes the weakenesses of those who are selling out our africarribean cultures costing the black community the custom.
For the struggling continent he believes he can make a difference as an ambassador through music. Whereas many other musicians struggle with the expensive studio recordings, Fada Pest has been able to finance all his recordings at his own studio Nubia Records.Company This is distributed by the label pefada nubia Inc. 

After pioneering the sound of hiphop and dancehall in uk Ugandan community Fada says a lot of people critised me saying I had brought the worldly annionting into the church but now I walk head high because I see the blinded batimus seeing now actually everybody now in church they want to see rappers and dancehall vibes but when I started it even people never gave God the glory.
On working in England as a musician, Fada Pest remarks that it is an uphill task and you have to work very hard to break through the market.

He added that you must know what commercial music is working there and capture the wave. Ten years from now Fada Pest sees himself continuing his music career as an ambassador to the world from Africa . Fada Pest as an artiste from Uganda picks keen interest in the music scene around here. He says it is growing and in future it will be a large section of our exports and a boost to our economy. However he does not intend to perform in Uganda very soon. His calendar is filled up for the next two years. He will be conducting tours and other projects. Lastly I was curious as to why he focuses more on Swahili Music.
His explanation is it is the only language that is purely African and as a music messenger he wants something people can easily understand. Lastly he has now released the abaana ba Uganda as anew single that is helping out the Red Cross and UN agency to raise funds for the relief aid in honour of Africa as a continent. 

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