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FADA EVENTS MUSIC is a Ugandan music group. It's main performers are Laston Pee (born Muliko Joseph) and Wise Joe (born Mbalasa Joel).
We started in 2016 with our famous song titled ENDHALA. Since then the duo's songs have been successful on ugandan radio. Starting with ENDHALA in 2016, the duo went on to release songs like Anhilira, Eittemu , Mulyato, Obutamanha. And In mid 2017 collaborated artists like Easy dee, selfbean.
More recently we have performed live and collaborated with fellow ugandan artist Yiya Mozey .


Laston pee's musical career begun at Top care senior secondary school in Iganga from S.1 - S.6 (2010-2015). 
After high school studies, he joined Kampala university Gaba in 2016 and from there connected with Wise Joe hence we formed up FADA EVENTS MUSIC. 

While Wise Joe musical career began at Green hill collage kamuli in 2013, S.4. Where I served as the entertainment prefect and composed an anthem for the school. 
Later I join Kiyunga senior secondary school in luuka for my high school studies 2014-2015 where I also served as the entertainment prefect and composed a song for the school. 
In 2016 I joined Kampala university Jinja campus persueing a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication   where I also served the institution as the entertainment minister 2017-2018.
Before meeting Laston pee in 2016. I had song like Battle, Naka Shilla ft Gangnum.


Laston Pee provide smooth RnB vocals while Wise Joe contribution is a fusion ragga, reggae and dancehall vibes. 


Other FADA EVENTS MUSIC members include; 
Red Eagle, Aston wonders, Dabada Yusifu, who is also the group's manager.
All the members have released solo projects. 


FADA EVENTS MUSIC we have our own production, FADA music 


Endhala album (2016)
Which is OK  (2018)


Not yet won any.

Those are our new songs titled 
1. Mwamwamwa 
2. Which is OK.

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