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Doctor Hilderman Mazongoto original names Hillary Kiyaga is a cool, simple and talented Ugandan music star. He is a qualified doctor and also an active musician. His break through single was Double Bed Mazongoto. Double Bed Mazongoto can be described as a super hit per Ugandan standards.

After the mega success of Double Bed Mazongoto, Hilderman kept the fire burning up to date. He has several great songs such as Campus Gal, Mr. Matama featuring Henry Tigan, Made in Uganda alongside Leila Kayondo, Kampe and Amelia. Hilderman is one musician who has a clean music record with no fights or quarrels with fellow musicians.

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He got his name Hilderman from people calling him ‘Hilary the man’. He grew up in Mpigi village and only came to town for his secondary education.

Hilderman grew up in a large family of 11 and is the 5th child. He went to Kampilingisa Primary School, St. Kalemba, Mityana Secondary School and Makerere University where he pursued a degree in Music, dance and drama.

He also has a post graduate degree in leadership and management from Strathmore, Nairobi University. Hilderman has always had great passion for music:

“Whenever I had music beats I got excited,” he says.

He was very active in all the music groups while in school but for Hilderman real music started in 2002 in his first year at campus.

He went to the studio and released his first single though it wasn’t a popular hit. This was because he was still in school and couldn’t balance the two.

“It was really hard I would have class in the morning and then I would have to record or do a show at night so I had to quit.”

In 2006, after he was done with school he concentrated on his music and got his major breakthrough when he released his hit song “double bed mazogoto”. 

This introduced him to the general public.

After he had got into the market things got easier for Hilderman and people started to appreciate his Music.

Hilderman got his inspiration from artistes like Bobi wine and Silver Kyagulanyi. “These are artistes I studied with and I saw them come to the lime light. I saw them grow and thought if they could make it so could I,” he recounts.

He also remembers meeting many celebrities at music, drama and dance events and this too gave him inspiration and drive to become a better musician.


When Hilderman is not working he loves to spend his time hanging out with his pals at house parties and drink ups, he also loves nyama kyomo and a good drama or investigation movie.

Hilderman also loves sports, his favorite being basket ball.

He is also a good goal keeper and volley ball player.


Hilderman is a strong catholic Christian and is married to Cissy Namuddu, his long time girl friend, with whom he has two children.

He is not very fond of politics. “Politics is a dirty game you know,” he says.

He also believes he cannot be a politician if there is no democracy.

“Democracy is not practical in Uganda, I would like to join politics to practice not preach like most people do,” he adds.

Joy & Sorrows In Music

For Hilderman music has brought a lot of fulfillment in his life. He has been able to get so many fans and friends who have helped a lot in his life.

The singer has also been able to provide for his family, acquire property and land. He has got to travel, meet new people and explore the world but most of all he has been able to influence society positively.”It’s not that easy to influence society.”

Despite the great rewards that come with being a music star, Hilderman has also had his share of challenges especially the competition which keeps him on his toes trying to do the best he can.

He also has to incur a lot of expenses marketing his own music.

Just Like many artistes the poor copyright law also affects him and brings him great losses.

Hilderman also thinks that Ugandan music is likely not to cross the market if the above challenges are not addressed.

He also says that Ugandan music lacks identity and this is drawing back the industry.”When you play a Nigerian song you will definitely know it’s a Nigerian song.”

When it comes to his future plans, Hilderman hopes to help people realize their talent and help them achieve them and plans to save enough money to promote young artistes.

He also wishes to go professional by having a band that plays live music.

The musician also called on the young artistes to be original, “You can’t compete if you aren’t original, you need to have your own identity,” he said.

Hilderman is currently working on 10track album. The video launch for the title track “do as I say” was held at Club Amnesia on June 28.

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