Doug Fur Biography

KAWEKWA douglas FUR (born 8 th July 1991), professionally known as doug
FUR (styled as doug-FUR) is an AfriKan rapper, entrepreneur and structural
engineer. He is indisputably affiliated for his extremity about his
trustfulness in his lyrics and way of life having a turn restructuring his life
with AfriKan spirituality, Rastafarian-ism, stoicism and humanism.
Born in Kampala and always listening to country, gospel & slow, love / R&B
music in his childhood, KAWEKWA got attuned to hip-hop (rap) music by the
late Earl “DMX” Simmons with his record “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” in the early
2000. And sooner, getting hooked to the “Lose Yourself” record by Eminem.
These moments altered him that he got into writing, poetry, reading and
rapping and formed the “South Coast Group” in 2009 with a four (4)
classmates at a new school (Naalya SSS) he’d just joined. That year, he
featured on his first ever record with a hometown friend during the school
holidays. The group dispersed the following year leading to the birth of
“dougentate” which he runs today with his associate Richard Otim,
professionally known as DJ VYRUS anchoring to LYRICAL MINISTRY in its
doug FUR released his first single, “KIVVE” in 2012 produced by Sammie
where he featured Ricky Rivoxx and Dan Yo. It also has a remake with doug
FUR and Dan Yo, produced Green. But sooner, he became so engaged with
his studies (civil engineering) and profession for the next seven (7) years
whilst having different appearances within the country’s music industry. In
2020, doug FUR released his debut studio album, “THE AWAKENING”
produced by Gamit of Titenium Records which is embodied with Lyrical
ministry whilst encompassing the rap, R&B, gospel genres. Currently, doug
FUR and his longtime friend and associate DJ VYRUS are working together on
albums and EPs (Extended Plays) and a couple of singles with other players
in the music industry.

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