Dm Swaga Biography

Dm Swaga was originally born Amutuhaire Ronard Bataringaya on 5th July 1995 in Rwamapra county in Mbarara district and was born by aman named Bataringaya John and Mrs. Kyampaire Prikeria all of which are residents in Kyakaseta Bushwere Mwizi.


He attended School at early age as he was able to join with only three years at Bushwere Primary school in mwizi Sub County.

As good he was in class he ended primary seven with only 13 years and laiter joined Mwizi Secondary School for O level and later to Bugamba Sec where he was able to take HEG as combination at the end coming out as the best in Rwampara with A in History and B in Economist.

He is now at Bishop Stuart University taking Economics and Management so he wishes to also be greatest Economist in Uganda and the World at large.

Music Life

As talent is a natural sing Dm Swaga shows it at an early age when he was able to mime a song called asera at the age of only two years.

He seriously started miming songs in parties and in Music dance and drama competitions at the age of 15 while at Mwizi Secondary Schools.

He later fully joined music industry in 2015 after completing S6 as he pushed out three good songs of Julie Julie, Kyamadidi and Obufuzi.

laiter he continuied doing great hits and so far he has7 songs including two super hot Ikiriza Onkunde and Remera Amulamwa acolabo with Mr Zeal.

He is also talented in music writing as he has written acquit number of songs like Remera amulamwa, Njagala anjagala, Kunda nyowe and many others


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