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Banywesize Destin called DESTINY BOY was born on september,20th 1992 to the family Mr. Floribert and Mrs. Sarah Makozi in Bukavu,south-kivu,DRC Congo but he lives in Kansanga,Kampala,Uganda.

The young artist who lives now in Kampala stated music in DRC Congo in 2015.
DESTINY BOY comes into limelight in 2017 after his fisrt song "Money" recorded in Kampala.

He studied Economic at Bukavu Official University and got his Diploma in 2015 while he started music.
At the time of this report,DESTINY BOY is also a student at Makerere University in Uganda.

With his object to become famous artist,he started working with différents arist in Kampala.

He does Hip Hop,Dancehall and Regga in swahili,french and english.

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