Denis O. Beloved Biography

Denis O. Beloved is a Ugandan Gospel singer and song writer born on 10th July 1986 in Goli – Jupangira (Nebbi District – West Nile Region) in a family of 6 siblings and many other step siblings. He is a Gospel artist with an incredible talent and unique style of Music Genre that not every musician in Uganda has ventured in. Denis calls his music style “Music from Heaven” - Christian Rock (Praise and Worship) Music, with a blend of other genres like African Pop and Techno as well.

Denis O. Beloved is a well-established Ugandan Gospel Artist from West Nile region with two albums to his name; - [1] New Creation album (2014) and [2] Love Dance Album (2016). He just released the second album - “LOVE DANCE ALBUM” of eight tracks in a live concert that took place at Grace Guest House in his home town, Goli, on Christmas 2015. This brand new album is Denis’ 2016 project; and is a hot compilation that is already rocking airwaves around Uganda and beyond. Denis also released and launched his 12 tracks Début Album titled; New Creation on Sunday November 30th, 2014 after many years of anticipation in a Live Worship Charity Concert that took Place at Cornerstone Grounds, Kololo – Acacia Avenue (Kampala, Uganda), in which all proceeds from the concert was dedicated to support the education sponsorship program at Cornerstone Development Africa (NGO) for students studying at different universities around Uganda. The concert attracted a lot of prominent Ugandan Gospel Musicians such as Coopy Bly, Levixon, Patricia Mujungu, El Nai, Walter Wa, B. Lyre, among others and was also televised twice on LTV (Lighthouse Television), one of Uganda’s top Christian Television Station.

Denis is becoming arguably one of the most influential young Ugandan, due to his numerous involvement in youth inspiring projects and his commitment to hard work and persistence in anything he sets his mind on. He is greatly inspired and passionate about reaching out to help other people bring out the best in them especially the youth. He loves sharing his life with the young people inspiring them, encouraging them, and most importantly, showing them the way to fun living which to him is, ‘Christ guided living’; through sharing the Gospel, the amazing Love of God found in Jesus Christ using music and/or speaking engagements.

He believes there are so many young people out there who do not know how much God loves them, how much they could positively be of influence in this world, and how much potential they are endowed with. His joy is seeing these lives transformed through the healing power of music, and the amazing love embodied in the good news shared with them. This is what motivates him to sing; sing songs that inspire, encourage and heal; songs that return the lost back to where they belong, and that is, to God.

He, also, is the founder and Current Executive Director of Golden Consult Africa Limited (GCA LTD), a social enterprise, legally registered with the government of Uganda as a training and consultancy firm based in Kampala, with a mission of building the pillars of Africa through equipping professionals and youth in Africa and Uganda in particular, with integral leadership abilities and basic professional life skills to enable them become more productive and self-reliant citizens in their communities, and most importantly become great positive change-agents in their societies and beyond.

Denis O. Beloved, is truly a unique breed of Ugandan Gospel artist, destined to become a household name in Uganda’s Gospel Music Industry and beyond. And with his passion for bringing positive transformation spiritually, mentally, socially, physically and economically to the lives of the young people in Uganda, we are sure Uganda will keep getting better in all those areas. All you can do now is keep your ears open and expect awesome tunes from him each year that rolls by.

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