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Gabriel Herniel Kitutu  popularly known as  DJ_KosGabby is a Gospel Trapper, Beat Maker and Dj specialising in Trap House Gospel, EDM and State Dancehall. His debut album BlackThunder hit the waves in 2017 when he was only 16 years old, him being behind the major production of all the 12 tracks and coursing the lyrics on all of them. He was born on November,2,2000 in The Kitutu family happily settled in a quiet village of Nyenga found in Jinja District  east of Kampala, Uganda. He grew up alongside two siblings  Emmanuel Joshua Kitutu and Shaweh Esther Kitutu under a married couple ,Rogers Kitutu from, Mbale and Omach Harriet Mono(Princess of the Omach Family) from Pubungu,Pakwach all from Uganda. He went to Shilo-Nile Star p/s from 2006-2012 where he was one of the most impressive performers in the school and emerged the overall best candidate in the PLE examinations across the school and district at large. He continued to St.Mary's College Kisubi(SMACK) in 2013 for his Ordinary Level Education where he became one of the best Tennis players, most adorable and effective Entertainment minister(KoSGabby) and he again continued to emerge as the best candidate across the School ,9th in the entire country with maximum points.He was awarded a cash Cheque with which he invested in his first Dj equipment having developed the skill from 2011 when he was the Dee-jay for his Gospel Dance Crew, #Da Chronicles based at Nyenga Evangel Church, Jinja District. Massively His Career began in 2014 when while at an invited wedding party, ,Mr. David Muteseirwa fell in love with the way the Megamixtape that #Da Chronicles dance crew had danced to was made. When he inquired who was the "man" behind the issue ,he was surprised it was an 13 year old boy. Nevertheless he took on the mantle to implore the young boy to come and be dee-jay at his club. With  all the issues concerning "clubs", they had to inquire permision from his mother and being assured of maximum protection,weekly wages,home transport, no drugs and alcohol, his mother painfuly consented for it was her hapinness  for her son to live his dream. His career continued and whilst still in St.Mary's College Kisubi, is where he ventured imto the production universe laying forward the BlackThunder album featuring mostly co-students at the time.

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