Climber Cats Biography

ClimberCats International was founded in 2005 on January 26th. It was a thinking of three rasta brothers after observing the situation of life in 360°: how people have to be, what people got to know, how people have to think and what people got to do to live in a peacful way with every being. 

We thought through art, such as music, photography, crafts and voluntary social work, the good message can reach people and through living a simple life we can be a good example to the world. That is why the three rasta brothers decided to introduce the ClimberCats as known internationally.



Reggae, Ragga, Dancehall, Photography, Hand Crafts and Social Work



Rasta Mann Max, Empress Hannah, Princess Liberty and the whole family.


Home Town

Düsseldorf, Germany and Kampala, Uganda


Record label

Grund Funk Musikproduktion, Germany



We do our art and social work giving a chance to the next generations because we belive in the unification of all people and children are our future!


Current Location



General manager

Empress Hannah aka. Mama Liberty

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