Chose Ann Biography

Chose Ann is one of the married female gospel artists in Uganda with the passion to spread the message of Peace, Love, Hope and Faith in God to the young and old generation through Music.

Chosen Ann is a songwriter and singer, best known for her song Akungonza Yesu (Jesus loves me)

Chosen Ann started singing in her teenage years in Scripture Union and later joined Church Choir while slowly developing her talent and In 2009 she started recording her own music. Chosen Ann and the husband released their first album which was a joint effort but she is currently working on her own album and so far she has released 3 songs Kankwagale(Let me love you), Merry x-mass and Yesu Aberawo(Jesus is always present) and more is still to come

Chosen Ann’s music comes in a range of styles from and afro beat, Zouk, reggae, RNB….

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