Cece Ryte Biography

Cece Ryte is a Ugandan artist born and raised in Mbale, a district in Eastern Uganda. He started as a back up singer in Cindy Sanyu's band where he developed as a vocalist, songwriter and performe specializing in RnB, afro pop & reggae. Cece's professional career in music started in 2013 with the release of his debut song “Feeling” and he’s been climbing since. In 2014 he won the best RnB artist in the eastern awards. He has worked with the talented producer Paul Shan at Sound Factory who has produced many of his hottest songs. In the start of 2016, he released a single titled “Ishenda" which topped countdowns in the East. His success grew larger after collaborating with Warren Trix and Frencha Nezza on the massive tune “Nambozo." He has been nominated in the Elgon entertainment awards 2016 in several categories.  His latest works as of 2020 include “Yo Body” “In Ma Room” & “Ibyange"

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