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My name is Bless Aaron Nomwesigwa Magezi aka BL3SS, 24yrs of old. I hail from Mbarara but currently living in Kampala.
I graduated from UCU Mukono in 2014 with a Bach. in Industrial & Fine Art and decided to specialise in Computer Graphics. So I am a self-employed graphic designer.
I have been singing and rapping since i was 10years old. Grew up in a christian family so have been in ch+ since i was born but i encountered Jesus Christ on a personal level when I was 16years old. Never have I regreted the decision I made and I thank God for the gift of salvation.

I do not have a specific genre of music that I do. I do all kinds of music, ranging from Rap, RnB, EDM, Contemporary Worship etc.
My first single "Let It Shine" was produced from One Origin Studios by Producer Taste with Taste and Dan on the beat.

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