Betina Namukasa Biography

Bettina Namukasa best know for her endless trending hit Emikisa gyabakazi was born in 1990 with parents Mr Damulira Joe and Ms Nassington Jane. Bettina is single and a born of Masaaki Bugonzi who joined music in 2013,did a few trials with different unserious groups and later joined Da New Eagles where she has been till now.she was however inspired to join music by the continuous promising kind forces from friends who always told her that she was a good musician and had the talent.from 2013 upto date,Bettina celebrates and appreciates the help of Mr and Ms Lutaaya who have always been by her side for guidance. Besides music,Namukasa enjoys singing,movies,praying and more so home management.Betina with the greatest fear of lying to someone dreams of starting charity and helping the needy.Namukasa has had songs like Emikisa Gyabakazi,Ompalula,Neckless,Nakutegela,Akabaasako and many more.she is one of the pillars and one of the reasons why Da New Eagles deserves and celebration hence

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