Benjaah Edwards Biography

Benjaah Edwards! When you tell the story of Benjaah Edwards as he is known as among avid gospel fans, you have to tell of the man who in his childhood lost his mum and later on his dad too.

He says, "I consider it a blessing that I have grown up to the man I am." -- His turning point was no extraordinary happening. It was God who led him to being a devout Christian. In his Secondary school he would discover that he was gifted and much later on in University would record what became an instant hit in Christian music stations.

"The first song I ever recorded," he says, "was not the Aneno Rwot hit that many know me for. It was a song that quite frankly did not receive good production and despite my good vocal output, the song was a complete fail. I was devastated and I took about a whole year without recording." At this point, he needed to find out whether he needed to continue singing and whether it was necessary for him to continue. It was no shock that as he says, he did not want to take his music to radio stations anymore because of the incidents with the first song. "It was my friend who took the music to the station and it got played. My hopes resurrected."

In 2012 Benjaah Edwards released a collection of his works in a project he entitled Aneno Rwot. After that, he felt a need to rbrand and fall back into his RnB roots. His Free Indeed song which was released mid 2013 became a VIGA Awards nominated song and in the same year he represented Uganda together with Mac Elvis at a Gospel Event that brought artists from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Africa, Somali, Kenya and of course Uganda. In 2014 he released the single "I am Here" which is still enjoying airplay on Christian radio.

As of January 2015, Benjaah Edwards has released an Afropop single called Amari Yesu which is promising to be one of the great songs of 2015 by the words of music critics. The release of Amari Yesu saw the singer and his music being the top trending topic for over three days on many occasions. Also, the song got premiered by various Christian stations and Benjaah Edwards promises that a music video ahould follow together with a lot more songs in 2015. The future looks bright.

Asked why he went for an Afropop sound as opposed to his RnB trademark he says, "Prior to doing the more urban kind of music, I made a promise to bring something for everyone. I also just love being a versetile artist. You will note I have done zouk, Afropop, RnB and occasionally soul music."

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