Atlas Da African Biography

Born in Africa, Prince Eddie Atlas Igumira and his family fled the continent due to extreme war that had erupted in his home country of Uganda. Growing up Prince Igumira started listening to Hip Hop music and was influenced by rappers in the late 80s early 90s such as Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Public Enemy, KRS ONE, NWA, Kool G Rap, EPMD and Run DMC.

At the age of ten he took an interest in writing lyrics and by the time he turned twelve had the skills to open up for Will Smith, Redman, Black Moon, Run DMC, ICE-T and LL cool J in a group he formed with local friends under the alias ATLAS.

In 2004 he appeared on Much Music television after winning a nation wide freestyle competition to open up for Fabolous which held over 100 participants.

More recently Prince Igumira got props from Jay-Z during Caribanna weekend in Toronto while Jay-Z was getting interviewed on much music. Prince Igumira currently lives back in his home country Uganda.

He is the Ceo of Igumira Enterprises, Team Atlas Sports, and the President of Swagg Studios. Projects: Book: From Pauper To Prince Coming 2010 Album: Poverty in Paradise Coming 2010 Movie: From Pauper To Prince - based on the true life story of Prince Eddie Atlas Igumira Coming 2011

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