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Alutondo (Born 8 September) Real name (Leku  Simon Alimasi Eremugo) is an Australian Based, Ma’di Dancehall artist. He sings lots of Music Genres including; Pop, Dancehall, RnB, Soul and so much more.  He is most known for his single Nyanina, a dancehall tune that has left music lovers want more and more of him.

During his childhood years, Leku Simon Alimasi  Eremugo (Alutondo) experienced things many people in general couldn't even imagine and it demonstrates his determination to make it as an artist in the Music business. There was rampant theft, murder and kidnapping going on within the region and country itself but this did not deter Alutondo from “going after his dreams.”

Alutondo has had to deal with many hardships in his lifetime, but never allows that to affect his outlook on life or his positive attitude.

Alutondo has been in the rap game for not some time; to many he came to be known by many after he released songs like “Nyanina” ‘Nya Asi Kazaku” “Mawora” and “Got It All Ft. Yasuke” earned him a lot of recognition from the corporate world. ” Alutondo has become a household name in the entertainment industry in East Africa, Australia, South Sudan, Westnile & Northern Uganda and clearly there is no turning back. He would like to refer to himself as a Musician and an indigenous poet which is clearly seen in his lyrical content are under ChoCho Empire C.C.E sponsored By Vampire Entertainment managed by Swain

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