Alex Muhangi Biography

Alex Muhangi is one of Uganda’s most celebrated and awarded comedians. He rose through the comedy ranks steadily, eventually electing to start his weekly own Comedy Show titled Comedy Store Uganda. This weekly live comedy and music show has risen to the top of weekly shows in Uganda, attracting sizeable crowds and earning new fans every single week.

Alex Muhangi has travelled to Europe, America, Africa and the middle east on countless occasions and has gained significant following in all those areas. He is also one of Uganda’s most loved celebrities with many admiring his hard working spirit and scandal free lifestyle.

A renown supporter for developing local talent, Alex Muhangi has offered a platform to upcoming talents and can be credited for the rise of comedians like Mariachi, Mighty Family, Maulana and Reign to mention a few. Alex has also hosted top-drawer events locally and across the globe including the Uganda North America Association (UNAA) Convention, Uganda-UK Convention and a host of other local events, parties and corporate dinners.

Alex Muhangi is the founder of Comedy Store Uganda, an influential weekly comedy and music show that steadily grown since its inception in 2016. This weekly show has hosted every prominent musician and comedian in Uganda and Africa with many craving to step on the stage.

His show has a special appeal to the youth as they are more outgoing but his audience also features significantly older clientele.

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