AirporTaxi Biography

You have definitely heard their music blaring through your car radio and you could have passed them off for some international artistes.

Ladies and gentlemen these guys ooze international appeal and their music sounds futuristic. Whether they feign accents is a story for another day but such is the exclusiveness of their music and they go by the name Aiportaxi. Does the name ring a bell???

Unfortunately, if you are an ardent listener of the likes Akaboozi and Radio Simba, am afraid you won’t catch these guys there. And forget to find them jumping on stages that host Ekiggunda and Enkuuka. No pun intended to the organizers and fans of the mentioned concerts.

Their music is work that the likes of would nod to. A trio of Williams Mugisha aka Lyboc,Martha Namubiru aka Martha Smallz and Tucker Kibirige aka Tucker HD have been on the scene actively as a group since 2012.

Initially, they all participated in a talent show organized by Talent Africa in 2011 but were united after doing remarkably well as individuals. Amazing has been the chemistry amongst the three of them that they have complemented each other with their strengths. Llyboc and Tucker HD are the guys spitting punch lines on the tracks with Martha Smallz doing the Fergie role of providing some catchy hooks to their tracks.

Their sound has been described as Urban pop with a Hip-hop blend to it. They have collected several buzz awards and have worked with renowned Hiphop producers like Samurae of Talent Africa and are signed to the Ali Alibhai affiliated Talent Africa.

Their tracks causing uproar include Airportaxi party, To The Music, All The Way and the recently released 808’s and Heartbreaks that is enjoying ample airplay on urban radio stations.

They have drawn comparisons with the likes of Black Eyed Peas and Kenya’s Camp Mulla. Watch out for them!

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