Aban G Biography

Edwin Nabaasa Abangira A.k.a Aban*G is an Uptown composed verstaille rapper Who does both English and Luganda.He originally hails from the hoods of Mbarara but apparently he represents the famous Mutungo area codes where he permanently bases from lately.He has worked with a couple of producers Kings luving of buggie empire being one of them, Nase avatar of portbell drive,jo-beats,MTK produktion, among others.His first Commericial project was Tubeerayo which he did with his friends and it fairly hit up.Lately he released a banger Called Ndiwanjawulo where he features Barzo miles and Fenrico lugga his very close associates and the song blew up on the internet and other Fm stations like a thunder.He still has a couple of projects coming up in the near Future,just watch the space.

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